How to Create Flashcards in Google Sheets

In this article, we’ll explain how you can create flashcards in Google Sheets using the Flippity web service.

Flashcards are a great way to review for tests or memorize information. Flippity provides an easy-to-use template that you can use to make your own set of online flashcards for free.

Let’s say you would like to create flashcards to help you practice your Japanese vocabulary. Though there are many learning services out there, you would like the ability to control the content of your flashcards. 

You think about using physical flashcards but realize that it would be impractical when you start having hundreds of vocabulary words to test.’s Flashcard service makes it easy to generate your own flashcards using Google Sheets as a data source. provides a template that you can copy and fill in with your own review materials.

Learning a new language is just one way we can effectively use our Google Sheets flashcards. Any subject that involves memorization and recall will heavily benefit from having a flashcard system for study. Because the data comes from you, it’s very easy to add new flashcards or even add hints.

Are you ready to learn? Read on to the next section to take a closer look at the flashcards coming from



A Real Example of Creating Flashcards from Google Sheets

Let’s look at a working example of flashcards that were made from a Google Sheets spreadsheet. 

First, we’ll take a look at the template we need to fill up. To make the example below, we simply make a copy of the template and provide our own data. In this example, Side 1 contains an English vocabulary word or phrase, while Side 2 contains the Japanese translation.

We can create flashcards in Google Sheets from a template will use this sheet as a database for its generated flashcards.

fully customizable cards using


You can make your own copy of the spreadsheet above using the link attached below. 

If you’re ready to try out flashcards yourself, head over to the next section to learn how to set it up.



How to Create Flashcards in Google Sheets

This section will guide you through what we need to start creating online flashcards in Google Sheets. You’ll learn how to copy the template, publish it, and access the live flashcard link hosted on

Follow these simple instructions to start creating your very own flashcards.:

  1. First, we need to visit the website, specifically their page titled Flashcards. You may access the link here.
    Read instructions on how to create flashcards on the Flippity website
    Click on the link shown in Step 1. This link leads to a copy of the template we’ll be filling in later on. 
  2. A new tab will appear, showing a prompt to make a copy of the Flashcards Template. Click on Make a copy to proceed.
    Copy the template to start Creating flashcards in Google Sheets

  3. You’ll find a pre-filled template. We can erase this so that we have a blank template to work with.
    Template comes with its own sample data

  4. Next, fill out the template with your desired content. Each row corresponds to one flashcard. In this example, we’ll add English vocabulary phrases and their corresponding Japanese translation. You may also specify the card and text color for each flashcard.
    Fill the template with the data you want to review with

  5. After filling out the template, we can now publish the spreadsheet so that Flippity has access to our data. We can do this by selecting File > Share > Publish to web.
    to Create flashcards in Google Sheets, you must publish the template copy
  6. In the pop-up, select the Flashcards tab on the first dropdown menu. Afterwards, click on the Publish button.
    Publish the Flashcards tab

  7. You may now click on the URL indicated in the second sheet, as seen below.
    Click on the link to check out the flashcards we created in Google Sheets

  8. You’ll now be able to work with your flashcards at this link.
    Online flashcards with data and format determined by template
    To reverse the card, we can either click on the card itself or click on the reverse flashcard symbol.
    flip card to see the back of your card

  9. The Flippity website also offers other ways to test your memory and understanding of the material. These include a List mode and a Matching mode.
    Flippity has a simple List mode for reviewing your materialFlippity has a Matching mode for reviewing your material



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Are links public?
    According to their FAQ page, URLs are public. This includes the links generated for their flashcards. Since accessing the page requires knowing the full URL, it should be secure as long as you don’t share the link with unintended parties.
  2. How do I shuffle or remove cards from the deck?
    You do not need to modify the original Google Sheet to shuffle or remove cards from the deck. You can hit the x key to remove the current card from the deck. Hit the s key to shuffle the current deck.



Once you follow each step, you’ll know how to create your own flashcards in Google Sheets. This guide shows how easy it is to work with’s templates to make simple and effective flashcards for studying.

You can use’s flashcard template for Google Sheets together with the various other Google Sheets formulas available to create great worksheets that work for you.

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  1. Do new flashcards automatically get added when you add new terms, or do you have to republish each time? Thx!

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