How to Automatically Attach a Google Form in Google Sheets

Learning how to attach a Google Form in Google Sheets automatically is useful when you want to add a new form to an existing spreadsheet.

Linking your Google Forms to your spreadsheet can help you analyze your responses and allow you to consolidate data from different sources.

Google Forms is a Google service that you can use for better data gathering and data entry. Filling up a form is a better user experience than filling up a row in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. You can customize your forms to help users understand what type of information they need to fill out.

Using forms is also a scalable solution for data gathering. If you plan on asking hundreds of people to fill up a Google Sheet, you might want to consider providing a Google Form instead.

Let’s take a look at a few concrete examples where we can use Google Forms alongside Google Sheets.

You’re managing a project tracker for your team, and you want to collect updates from all your team members. We can attach a Google Form to your spreadsheet so that members can easily add data to the sheet by simply filling up a form. We can also use Google Forms as an issue tracking system, as an e-commerce order form, or even a feedback form after events.

Another useful situation to use forms is if you plan on sending out a survey. You can easily link your survey answers to populate a table in your spreadsheets. Google Forms can be shared with the public without giving access to the main spreadsheet. We can even prevent spam responses by asking people to submit using their Google accounts.

Now that we know when to link Google Sheets and Google Forms, let’s dive into how to accomplish this.



A Real Example of Attaching a Google Form in Google Sheets

Let’s look at a real example of automatically attaching a Google Form to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

In the sample spreadsheet below, we successfully linked a Google Form to submit concerns to the IT department. The form asks for the respondents name, some details about their concern, and the priority of their concern.

Adding more questions to your survey automatically adds a new column to our Form Responses tab.

example of Automatically Attaching Google Forms in Google Sheets


After successfully linking a Google Form to your spreadsheet, you’ll find new options in the Tools menu.

unlink forms


The Edit form option will open another tab where you can add or change the questions in the form. You can also preview the form, send it to a mailing list, and even embed the form in a webpage.

Choosing the Unlink form option stops responses from being written into the current spreadsheet. 

You can make your own copy of the spreadsheet above using the link attached below. 

If you’re ready to try attaching a Google Form in Google Sheets yourself, head over to the next section.



How to Automatically Attach a Google Form in Google Sheets

This section will go through each step needed to create a Google Form linked to your spreadsheet. This guide will show you the easiest way to connect the responses from your form to the rest of your spreadsheet.

Follow these steps to start using Google Forms and Sheets together:

  1. First, we’ll create a new Google Form. You can find the option under the Tools menu. The resulting Google Form will automatically be linked to the current Google Sheet.
    to automatically attach Google Form in Google Sheets, create a new form

  2. Next, a new tab or window will open with the new Google Form. We can start adding questions to this page.
    New sample Google form is made that is already attached to your original sheet
  3. The number of questions in the form will determine the columns for the Form Responses tab.
    Creating a sample Google Form

  4. You can find all responses to the form in the Form Responses 1 tab in the original Google Sheet. In the example below, our table consists of four columns. This includes the timestamp or the date and time the response was submitted.
    Automatically Attach Google Form in Google Sheets
  5. Now that we have our responses in our spreadsheet, we can use other functions to filter through our data. In the example below, we used simple data validation and the FILTER function to create a view of tasks by Priority.
    Automatically Attach Google Form in Google Sheets to filter out in another tab



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is it possible for a Google Sheets project to have multiple attached Google Forms?
    Yes. New Google Forms will add a new tab in your current spreadsheet. This allows you to consolidate data from different forms into one database.



That’s all you need to remember to attach a Google Form in Google Sheets. This step-by-step guide shows how easy it is to send Google Form feedback to an existing sheet.

Attaching a Google Form to a Google Sheet function is just one example of how Google Sheets can make your workflow much easier. With so many other Google Sheets functions out there, you can surely find one that suits your use case. 

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