How to Use REPT Function in Google Sheets

The REPT function in Google Sheets is useful if you want to repeat a text several times.

The function returns a set number of texts listed within the google sheets. 

Let’s take an example:

There are many ways to use the REPT function, but here are the two main ways to show an easy demonstration.

Example 1:

As you can see, A2 is the given text that we want to repeat, B2 is the number of times we want to repeat the text. 

By using the REPT function, C2 would return the word “Shampoo” six times.

REPT Function in Google Sheets


Example 2:

You can also use the function by directly inputting the text you want to show as a result.

By inputting “|” directly into the formula, the function will return the amount of “|” implicated in B2.

REPT Function in Google Sheets


Example 3:

The REPT function can also be used with many other functions such as LEN, SPLIT, ArrayFormula, JOIN, and many more!

Here is an example to show you how to incorporate SPLIT function into REPT function:

By adding the SPLIT function, it makes the REPT function the text in the formula, followed by the delimeter, a character we use to split the text into different columns. 

This formula will return each “|” in different columns.


Example 4:

You can also use REPT function just like an IF function in some situations as a logical formula.

REPT Function in Google Sheets

To have a more visual spreadsheet to analyze which items are in need of restocking, we can use the REPT function to only show the items that are low in stock.

Instead of only putting the numbers to repeat, we put in a logical argument to only show “Low Stock” if the item is left with less than 4 units.


The Anatomy of the REPT Function

The way we write the REPT function is: 

=REPT(text_to_repeat, number_of_repititions)

Let us help you understand the context of the function:

  • The equal sign =  is how we start any function in Google Sheets.
  • REPT() is our function. We need to add two attributes, namely the text_to_repeat and number_of_repitition, to make it work correctly. 
  • The text_to_repeat is the text/ character to repeat.
  • The number_of_repitition is the number of times text_to_repeat should appear.

Let’s take note that:

The REPT function does not insert spaces between repetitions of the text_to_repeat. If the spacing is desired, a space must be inserted to the end value of the text_to_repeat.



A Real Life Example of Using REPT Function

The REPT function is often used as a visualization for ease of understanding a set of data, such as this:

REPT Function in Google Sheets

By using the REPT function, you can easily tell which pastries are the best-selling items!

You can create many different styles of in-cell charts to beautify your Google Sheet! Sweet!👌



How to Use REPT Function in Google Sheets

Example 1:

  1. Simply click on the cell that you want to write down your function at. In this example, it will be C2.

Select Cell


  1. Begin your function with an equal sign =, followed by the name of the function, REPT, then an open parenthesis (.

REPT Function in Google Sheets


  1. We will then add the character that we want to add. In our case, it’s the 🥐 emoji. To access the Emoji Keyboard Panel, you can simply press the “Window key” + “.” simultaneously. This would then appear:



  1. Next, enclosed by a quote-unquote symbol "", type in the character we want to repeat.

REPT Function in Google Sheets


  1. Then, we will add another comma , to separate the text_to_repeat from the number_of_repitition which will be B2. We end the formula by closing it with a parenthesis ).

REPT Function in Google Sheets


Our final formula would look like this:



  1. After the following steps, your input should look like this.

REPT Function in Google Sheets


You may make a copy of the spreadsheet using the link attached below and try it for yourself:

There you go! A fun way to show your data! 💪

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