How to Insert Excel Table in Gmail with Borders

how to insert Excel table in Gmail with borders
How to Insert Excel Table in Gmail with Borders – Sheetaki

Occasionally you’ll want to insert an Excel table directly into your Gmail.

Besides the fact that it looks clean and informative, having a table inside your Gmail also allows to neatly organize your information which is useful for a variety of tasks from cold emails you’d sent to your prospects or if you’re a teacher and you wish to detail information in a straightforward, understandable manner for your students.

The list of scenarios where a table may come of use is endless.

This guide will show you how to insert Excel tables with borders into your Gmail.

The only caveat, however, is that there is no direct way to insert a table directly without messing up the table layout. The steps below will show you a simple yet straightforward workaround to inserting an Excel table into Gmail.

Let’s jump in. 🙂



How to Insert Excel Table in Gmail with Borders: 5 Steps


  1. Firstly, copy the Excel table that you wish to paste into your Gmail.


Microsoft Excel


  1. Got it? Nice. Next, open up your search browser and jump into your Google Sheets.
  2. Now open up a new Google Sheet by clicking the Start a new spreadsheet and then Blank (+) sheet. You will need this new spreadsheet to paste your Excel table that you wish to insert into Gmail.
  3. Great! Now that you have an empty spreadsheet open, click on any cell and paste the Excel table (like shown below). You will find that the borders for the table will be missing.


how to insert Excel table in Gmail with borders



You can add borders to the table simply by clicking on the Borders button (shown below).


  1. Finally, once you have your table beautifully formatted and presentable, you can select the Table and then copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) into your Gmail message you wish to send to the respective person.

how to insert Excel table in Gmail with borders


Ta-da!  Have a look at our table in Gmail 👉

how to insert Excel table in Gmail with borders


Yes, the steps above is a little tad tedious but it ensures the data is consistent and formatted appropriately for Gmail. Moreover, copy-pasting directly from Excel into Gmail results in poor formatting that will further confuse the receiver with disorganized data.

That’s pretty much it. You now know how to insert an Excel table in GMail without borders. Check out the other numerous Google Sheets formulas to create even more powerful formulas that can make your life much easier. 🙂


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